Find the Best Doorbell Camera With This Guide

Doorbell cameras are fairly new to the home security market. And they have quickly become very popular among homeowners for those many benefits it brings. There are plenty of ring cameras to choose from. This makes it hard to find the best one for your security needs.

Now how do you go about picking the right doorbell camera? What are the factors that you must consider? Let’s go ahead and find out.

Video Quality

Choose a doorbell camera that has a good video feed. Consider ring cameras with video quality of at least 1080p. High-quality video is very important to get clear footage. This will allow you to capture the faces of people and record important information. This will generally make your property safer.

Field of View (FOV)

The FOV will ensure that it captures the entire area that your front door covers. A  doorbell camera with at least 120 degrees FOV is best. The wider the camera’s FOV, the better. This will ensure that it captures all the happenings at your front door.

Motion Detection and Alerts

Get a doorbell camera with a motion detection feature. Advanced motion sensors will quickly notify you of any movement. This will alert you of any activities at your front door. Don’t worry because the camera’s motion sensitivity can be adjusted. This will reduce false alerts.

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Night Vision

Your doorbell camera must be as useful at night as it is during daytime. The night vision capability is a very important factor. You still get clear video resolution at night or in low light. A doorbell camera with infrared LEDs is best when it comes to night vision capabilities.

Communication Capabilities

Nowadays, doorbell cameras have communication features. You can talk to the person on your front door through your smartphone. It allows two-way audio communication. Pick a doorbell camera with clear, quick two-way audio. It will be easier to monitor the front door even if you are not at home.

Smart Home Integration

It is best if the doorbell camera can be smart home-integrated. This can help improve its functionality. The integration will allow different devices to synchronize making your home security system more unified.

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