What are the features of Office 2021? Where to find its license?

What are the features of Office 2021? Where to find its license?

We all wait for Microsoft Office to launch their new version and surprise us with something new and different. In October 2021, Microsoft finally launched the most awaited version, Office 2021. As soon as Windows launched their latest version of 11, Microsoft also gave us their new version. Like other versions, it also has a Home version and a Business one, and of course, the business one costs you a bit more than Office 2021 Home. If you are looking for some sources from where you can get Office 2021 license, then we can recommend Instant Licence to be one of the trustworthy platforms to offer licenses of different software at a very less rate.

This particular version comes with the same bundle of Microsoft Office Suite, but there are some, of course, enhanced and improved features that it has to offer.

Features offered by Microsoft Office 2021

The significant feature at office 2021 comes with is the real-time co-authoring which was there in office 2019, but it was only in MS Word and not in MS Excel or PowerPoint. In-office 2021 real-time co-authoring feature can be accessed in all the desktop clients, but you need to ensure they are all stored in one Microsoft’s cloud storage service.

In terms of PowerPoint, you can now see colored cursors that can indicate different people working on the same PowerPoint. It is also now integrated with Microsoft Teams, so even if you are working within the Microsoft Office, you’ll be able to take part in video calls and chats over Microsoft Teams.

Office 2021 license

As of now, you need to know that this particular version of Office 2021 and also Office LTSC 2021 is, however, not the complete version of business as it lacks some of the features like channels, searching to archived messages, and more.

Speaking of Microsoft Excel, there are a lot of new features and new functions introduced in Office 2021. This includes a new lookup function, which is known as Xlookup, that can help you in finding things present in the given table or a particular range. You can also now use several dynamic arrays in Office 2021. In PowerPoint, you can find some enhanced capabilities to record slideshows that include ink recording, laser pointer recording, and presenter video recording. In Microsoft Office 2021 Outlook, you will get a new feature of instant search along with the capability to translate more than 70 languages. So in a way, now you can easily translate your emails from clients around the world. Microsoft Access now have new updated data types and table manager.

So overall, we can say that every application that is a part of Microsoft Office has some of the other new features that it offers. These new features and proved to be beneficial to date. However, as stated, the business version of this particular edition still needs to be completed, and hopefully, we will see some of the new features.

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