Matt Davies Stockton Explores Ways Content Marketing Is Better Advertising for Business

Matt Davies Stockton Explores Ways Content Marketing Is Better Advertising for Business

According to Matt Davies Stockton, businesses spend a significant portion of their marketing budget on content marketing programs. Content marketing has a proven record of staggering success, especially over traditional marketing methods. Let’s check out ways in which content marketing is better advertising for businesses.

The Strategies

  1. Higher audience retention – With content marketing, content is king. You aren’t just promoting your products and services, but also entertaining or educating your audience with them. With content marketing, you can create positive experiences and compel your customers to come back to your page for more.

Good content is your ticket to your audience’s loyalty and attention. With good content, you can reinforce a positive brand impression and increase brand recognition. You need to put in a lot more resources to achieve the same effect while using other advertising methods.

  1. Better traction on social media – Anyone can increase followers on social media. However, creating trendy content that goes viral is a different ordeal. If your page doesn’t get a lot of traction despite having a lot of followers, you need to implement a solid content marketing strategy. Quality content always helps your business gain more traction and increases your age’s reach on social media.

With other methods, you have to spend a lot of money on promotions and may gain followers temporarily. However, they won’t convert into valuable customers and may soon leave your page. With consistent and quality content, you attract quality followers, and they would look forward to your next post.

Matt Davies Stockton

  1. Build trust – SEO marketing, traditional marketing, generic social media marketing, and other forms of marketing have to go above and beyond to build trust. However, with content marketing, building trust with your audience is an obvious and expected benefit with a much more powerful effect.

With content marketing, you create value for your audience without anything in return. That’s why your audience is more likely to trust you and your recommendations. When your content pops up at the right time and in the right place for the target audience, it increases your brand reputation and goodwill.

  1. Better lead generation – Content marketing helps you generate the best leads. When your audience views your content, they are more likely to buy your products or services in the future. Moreover, a call-to-action (CTA) placed directly in your content can generate valuable leads for the sales team.

You can use content to guide your audience to the landing page you want while providing them with free and useful information. With content marketing, you get more flexibility since CTAs can be placed anywhere. You have an incentive to make useful and quality content since it increases the odds of users clicking on the link


Matt Davies Stockton suggests that you check out the potential of your content with content scoring and track how individual content pieces are helping you generate and convert leads. Content scoring helps you quantify the success of your content marketing strategy and provides valuable insights for the future.

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