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Decentralized Internet with Web3

It’s interesting to see how a technology that was originally conceived for another area presents an opportunity for restructuring an established system. Rethinking the Internet and developing ideas to transform it is revolutionary. It remains exciting to see how the Internet, which is in constant change anyway, will change in the coming years according to customer satisfaction review. Increasing hacker attacks, misuse and censorship and a lack of data security are grievances that are becoming increasingly present and ubiquitous. In conclusion, the demand for a decentralized solution, i.e. for Web3, is becoming louder and louder. The Web3 thus has the potential to develop into our future Internet system.

A Web3 of diversity

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What is currently being propagated by many network visionaries under the title Web3 is undoubtedly an interesting and exciting, but also narrower view of a new World Wide Web that offers new opportunities, but also brings old and new dangers with it would not be necessary. Blockchain is a promising technology that can enrich the way we use the internet and what we do for it. And it does so in a variety of ways, even if there can and should be arguments about how it does it and what possible uses it opens up. But blockchain is not a jack of all trades, a magical or messianic technology that just reinvents the internet by simply being adapted and implemented for anything and any purpose.

Blockchain and related technologies should be just one of many pillars on which the future of the internet will be built. Because it is diversity and alternatives that drive innovation and open up new ways of thinking and using things. It would be fatal if developers, start-ups and investors didn’t research, promote and finance other technologies and ideas just because they don’t experience the same hype as blockchain and crypto technologies and promise quick money. And now that the path that Web3 will take is only hinted at, but not yet determined. There are many promising concepts that can make the World Wide Web a place that can become more comfortable, freer, fairer, more dynamic and more creative. A place that is not only dominated by a handful of big companies, but many others.

There are numerous other such and similar projects that try to think of the World Wide Web in a new and different way; which are intended to make the Internet more decentralized again without cryptocurrencies, blockchains and other distributed ledger variants and its users more empowered – but in doing so could ignore the ruthlessness that characterizes blockchain ecosystems.

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