ELO boosting for league of legends

The perfect ELO boosting for league of legends

The latest edition of the League of Legends is out, and the arena is all set for the players to play the game. However, there are certain things that you would need to know before you enter this internet-based game. The game is a multiplayer game where you can play in duo or teams as you like. The recent development of the game introduces placement matches before the season begins. These placement matches are quite time-consuming and depending on your performance in the matches determine your rank. However, with LoL ELO boosting, you can help improve your rank in the game.

ELO boosting is an act where another player, usually of higher ranks like challenger or grandmaster plays through your account so that your rank is improved. Although it is a risky affair, many account holders designate their games to trusted ELO boosting websites to improve their ranking in the game. The ranking does not only depend on your winning streak but also on the performance throughout the game. For instance, having 3 wins and 2 loses in the first 5 placement matches entitles you to hold a higher rank than those whose performance is 2 wins, and 3 loses streak.

The booster helps you to improve your account champion’s rank as they play with your account. Being a grandmaster or challenger enables them to understand the resources and the tactics to win the preliminary matches. If you are also looking out for an ELO boosting service to improve the ranking in the league of legends game, you can hop to eloboosta.com.

ELO boosting for league of legends

Ranks and divisions of the game

As we speak of the ranks of ELO boosting, the game eventually comprises of nine levels. They are essentially named iron, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, master, grand-master, and challenger. Every rookie starts with the iron rank and gradually proceeds towards the challenger. Till the diamond rank, there are four distinct divisions that every player has to go through to achieve a level-up. Every rank is known as a tier, and each division is classified into four divisions. The division labeled with IV is the lowest ranking position of that tier.

Say, if a person holds Diamond IV position, it indicates that the player is currently ranked higher than the other ranks like iron, bronze, platinum, etc. However, the player still has to level up three more divisions to rank highest in the Diamond rank. Now, as the player approaches Diamond I, the next level to Master rank is the ladder for being in the top ranks of the game. Henceforth, the ranks will not have any division, but the path is difficult. You can climb up to Challenger just after Grandmaster level.

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