Instagram Tips and Tricks

Instagram Tips and Tricks for iPhone Users

By default, the Instagram for iPhone app will display only the last 100 items since the last verification of your account. The jump on the timeline is shown in the wrong line, as shown in this image. Instagram below the irregular line are Instagram from your previous Instagram session, but what about those in the middle?

Solution: when you touch the timeline, Instagram loads tweets that you have not seen.

Getting back to the top of your Instagram timeline

This trick can be a little tricky, but if you do it right, you can do it. Therefore, when you are on the Timeline River, and instead of moving to the top, you will want to be there instantly.

Solution: double-click the start button at the bottom of the iPhone screen.

See the full thread of the conversation 

This is not as annoying as you are already half responding to aInstagram, and there is something in the original Instagram that you should consider. But that means you have to go back to the original Instagram and start over. Well, no, people even have a solution for this.

Solution: put your finger on the answer text and drag the text area down, so the original Instagram will open. Thus, it allows you to view the content needed to create your answer.

Instagram Tips and Tricks

Copy and paste features in Instagram

Since Apple finally allowed Copy and Paste on the iPhone, it is now possible to copy the contents of any Instagram or user instaswift to the iPhone’s clipboard. As always with the clipboard on devices, you can paste the clipboard to any place of your choice.

Solution: Keep your finger slightly pressed on the text you want to copy, the copy tab will appear, or if you have not selected all the text you want, you can also move the two pins shown at either end of the shaded area. It’s a little delicate if people have the same plump fingers as they do.

Finding the original URL of the Instagram

Someone sent you Buy Instagram Views, and additional information may be attached that you cannot see, or you just need the original URL to share it with another in a different media format. For those using Instagram or other social media marketing methods, this is helpful advice if you need it.

Open the original tweet from your timeline and click the Share button. In the new pop-up menu, select “Copy link” (if there is another option that matches your needs, use it in the pop-up menu). This will put a copy of the original Instagram URL directly into your iPhone’s clipboard, ready to paste it where you really want to use it.

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