What You Need to Know About Website Traffic

If you have a small business, you only have one goal – to grow it. There are many strategies that you can enforce but to keep up with the aggressive online marketing campaigns of your competitors, you should buy website traffic as a start. Before that, you need to be aware of things about website traffic.

You should know that website traffic is the single aim of all marketing efforts. This can ultimately increase sales. Here are some things that you need to know about website traffic:

The fundamentals of online marketing

You should know that the fundamentals of online marketing include website traffic and conversion. When you hear conversion, it refers to the rate at which visitors complete the desired outcome, for instance – submit an inquiry or even buy a product.

To make the most of this, you have to understand that website traffic and conversion rates come together. Keep in mind that you cannot convert anything if you do not have traffic and without conversion, your traffic will be useless.

The type of traffic and which is best

The next thing that you need to do is to identify the type of traffic and determine which is the best. Here are the four main types of traffic:

Paid traffic: this kind of traffic presents businesses with access to top positioning on

the Internet; it is also geared towards being highly relevant for audiences. There will be cost for every visitor and with this, there will be an effective conversion rate.  Before considering this, you should first calculate ROI to assess if it is a good option for your business.

• Organic search results: the goal of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is to improve the ranking of websites on search engine results page. With any SEO campaign, you should make an initial investment of money and time to get the best outcome. If SEO is done correctly, it will double the effectiveness of any online marketing campaign.
• Referral: content marketing can also improve referral traffic. For content marketing, the best place to start is blogging. According to Hubspot, blogs have 55% more website visitors. If you provide high-value content, many will make you a reference and this will give you the opportunity to build up your profile.
• Social media: social media is another source of traffic. This will encourage a community to visit your website. Social media will allow you to build relationships within the targeted network of users, which will ultimately result in more traffic.

The qualified traffic

You have to be aware that bots account for 56% of all website traffic. This is not a good way to increase traffic website. There are many ways to increase traffic website quantitatively but it should be qualified traffic not from bots or crawlers. If it is not qualified traffic, you will surely see a drop in conversion rates. With this, it is vital that you attract qualified traffic with the use of many online marketing strategies.

Without a doubt, traffic is important to your business. Remember that with the right strategy or technique, you will surely boost sales. The key here is to generate large amounts of quality traffic that will convert; for this, you need to focus on diversifying and relevancy of your channels.

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