Ways to have more followers

A new record says that now Instagram has 800 million monthly active users, so in this race of being famous and getting a highlighted instagram pages you must know about some important tricks while creating and managing your instagram account. Boosting your instagram organically will take your time and effort, so you will have to spend ton of time in instagram if you want to grow your instagram in a right way. In a survey of instagram it is found that if someone  post more, the more likes and followers he have, so try to post consistently. Let’s talk about how to grow my instagram in this segment.

How to double the followers

 One can increase his/ her growth rate of the followers by increasing the number of post. For example if you are posting less than one post per week and you have increase to 1-6 posts a week, it will double your followers. If you regularly posts and shared the content or picture and at the same time if you are able to engage people to follow your brand and blogs, then your posts will be on the top of your follower’s feed. You should first pick up a niche and try to stick with it. Use features of instagram like videos, live videos and stories in your instagram pages and post. Use only quality and relatable hash tags for your posts and videos so that your followers could stick to your instagram feeds.

Geotag is all good

 For live video streaming you can also use geotag  to make your pages more visible. Geotags are nothing but hashes tagging your locations on instagram .for example if you are eating in a hotel named “hotel Taj”, then post your location and people with same location tags could see your post. Ask your follower’s to use your hash tags on their own images. You can also try a loop giveaway, if you want to collaborate with other instagrammers. Ask your other followers to follow you on instagram so that they can like your page and also ask to leave comment. Approach popular users to collaborate and also collaborate with other users too.

Theme based feed attracts followers

The key point to increase your instagram followers is to provide pure quantity of the content, so that your followers can’t resist themselves to like or share. Even you can post anything that could seem interesting but try to tie up back to your feed’s theme in order to keep your followers with you along with attracting new ones. Share your instagram stories on your Facebook or Twitter which is great trick to expose the main idea behind the post. You can also buy instagram followers, as organically boosting your instagram would take your time and effort.


Now we know, one of the best opportunities for can be -Tag brands in your photos as they may even reach out to you to collaborate. You should keep on analyzing your instagram account, so that you can check everything is going on right direction or not. These are some really important tactics to grow your instagram in right direction for longer time.

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