When a software company makes an invention, the assumption is they are the ones who understand the technology used best. This is true. Only the inventor would know his invention best. However, it is difficult for the inventor to speak in simplistic language that just about everyone will understand what he is saying. Sometimes, he needs someone who can put to words what he can in tech language. Unfortunately, this is not something software companies realize when they decide to their own SEO using their members of staff. https://tessa.tech/seo-blog/ten-mistakes-seo-for-software-companies/ is an important guide for software companies that need to appeal to more people.

Reasons why software companies should not do their own SEO

Sales persons do not have the patience SEO demands

Putting a sales person in charge of SEO is not a very wise decision. Sales persons need to make sales quickly to meet their targets. Chances are he will go for specific key words that are associated with the software company to make it look like he is making headway. Unfortunately, SEO needs a lot of patience and constant use of different key words. Using specific key words may work for tech savvy people but not the bigger percentage of the people who actually use this software.


Onsite SEO misses the benefits that come with offsite SEO

Software companies have clients world over. It is not about reaching the locals to try their product. It is about selling their product to the world. To achieve this they need to forget about concentrating on their onsite SEO campaign. Despite how amazing software companies are, they need to be linked to websites that will propel their visibility to the rest of the world. Neglecting offsite SEO means about 70% of the rest of the world is denied visibility to this amazing software.

Software companies have more concern for their products

If your focus is software development, it is difficult to go into SEO without falling back to the thing that interests you. Using members of staff to do SEO will only bore them and soon, they will do nothing but that which first brought them into the software company. In the long run, the company loses the opportunity to announce to the world the progress they have made in software development. Sometimes, it is best to let in SEO professionals to assist in key word optimization.

We are all skilled in different ways. Our talents may cross paths at some point but no doubt, we need to have a symbiotic relationship if we are to meet our full potential. Software companies will definitely lag behind if they concentrated on SEO and forgot about software development. Let SEO companies handle SEO as software companies handle software development.

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