High-Speed Backup

High-Speed Backup

Online cloud backup technology has become very comfortable for businesses today. This serves clients by saving the backup and later, it sends that to an offsite data center over the internet. The offsite data center takes the responsibility of hosting the backup.

Data is always encrypted, and this makes it a secured backup. In case of unexpected disasters, backup disaster recovery will take the responsibility of restoring the backup to the online cloud backup. One of them is the AS400 backup. There will also be an emergency replacement server which can provide for the replacement disaster recovery server which is served in need.

In case of this cloud backup technology, there is no need to physically bring the backup data tape to the client’s data center for recovery soon after the disaster. Even though in some cases there will be a backup to the cloud provided, there won’t be recovery infrastructure which helps in restoring applications and data. But with an online backup like AS400 backup along with getting recovery infrastructure, the backup is really fast, and backup is done with unimaginable speed.

AS400 backup

This provides the highest security since using this technology, the backup will be sent to a secure offsite data center over the internet. This is why one can have a completely integrated data disaster recovery in the cloud along with the backup system. So, once the client informs that there is some disaster, the recovery process will begin. Within a few hours, they will get the backup. This will help in running the business.

How it works?

Initially, the online cloud backup is placed at the client’s place. Once the client finishes their regular backup, the online cloud backup system will replicate this backup automatically to the secured offsite data center. Both the data and application backup are taken care of. This helps the client to have a virtual backup of their platform both locally and in the cloud.

The cloud backup will have a complete mirror of the local backup data. So, it will include all the software, applications, and even files. This is the reason in the case of disaster system will not take a long time to recover.

Soon after the recovery, branches, customers, and employees of the client will get access to the application data. Along withrecovery, there will be recovery testing as well. This will make sure everything is working as per the client’s expectation. Verification will be done on backing up the essential data. In cloud backup systems, there will also be features like every 12 months, theyensure that the complete system is covered in backup even if there are no disasters occurred in the middle. All these features are included for cloud backup service.

Online cloud backup is always better because it’s much faster compared to the local backups. It comes with faster recovery time as well, and there will be an offsite data center which will allow few hours of recovery in case of disaster. That’s why it’s faster compared to replacement server, over-night tape, or traditional hot site.

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