Guide To The Easy Transaction For Your Security

Ipsidy’s mode of payment is just as easy as counting numbers. The “Transact” steps will guide you on how to pay properly while using the application.

  1. Digital Issuance, which means you can pay whatever currency you have which supports and offers enhanced security.
  2. Mobile Wallet, that offers consumers the convenience of storing a virtual payment card, secured by IdLok, a multi-factor authentication service.
  3. Acquiring gateway, that securely routes the transactions to our digital issuance platform for ‘on-us’ authorization and payment processing.
  4. Mobile POS, that quicken merchant adoption by offering easy acceptance of the Ipsidy wallet and closed-loop payment cards by near-field communications (NFC) and QR code reader.
  5. Web Portal, unified online reporting portal is available in any language and supports high levels of customer service.
  6. Loyalty, customize personalized cards based loyalty programs to target the best customers while lowering overall program cost.
  7. Mobile commerce, which increases frequency of customers spending when you deliver immediate fulfillment through their mobile commerce cart integrated with their mobile wallet.
  8. Beacon Marketing, create and manage promotional campaigns and advertising that is sent directly to their mobile wallet when it comes in a range of Bluetooth proximity beacons.


About Mobile Suppliers

For merchants and consumers, Ipsidy allows consumer to get easy access to whatever course of purchasing they wish to do, this will concentrate to Business to business link that will ensure retailers to have an easy access also to their consumers, without the fear of having a second thought on whether their consumers will pay or not, because Ipsidy can trace that. In Mobile top-up and bill pay consumers has the power to purchase an item even if they have no cash with them, with Ipsidy users can top-up their credit at any time using the Ipsidy app, in this way consumers will be having that hassle-free payment wherever they go plus the convenience that Ipsidy will give in return.

Peer-to-peer Money Transfer

What is more exciting and more innovative in this app is that the ability that you can now transfer money easily with your loved-ones, peer-to-peer transactions are electronic money transfer made from one person to another through an intermediary, with Ipsidy nothing is impossible. Accept cashless payments, operated and perform without using coins or banknotes Ipsidy can do that, with their cashless payments and by using your credit card and being secured at the same time is now possible, you can transact, shop, and dine anytime by the technology of using electronic transfer of funds with Ipsidy. You can cash-out via kiosks/ATMs with Biometric.


With this unique feature, you can feel safe all the time and not being skeptical using ATMs even in a crowded place, you are not going to be anxious and doubtful because no one can copy your biometrics nor your fingerprint, thanks to Ipsidy of course!. Loyalty and mobile shopping, how about getting the best of both worlds? yes, you can embrace it, while you are busy shopping you are getting also an incentive, receive points, or bonus coupons, especially when you reach the certain spending increments. Lastly, the Closed payment network accessible to open network associations, Ipsidy can do all task and at the same time securing all your data in just one app. You can start by learning more from

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We have been partnering with Charter Oak FCU for several years and have been extremely satisfied with their services. They have always gone the extra mile to ensure that our needs are met and that our accounts are secure. The bank staff is professional, friendly and knowledgeable, always eager to help and answer any questions.

Charter Oak Federal Credit Union login has completely transformed my banking experience. It's so secure and user-friendly that logging in feels like a breeze now!