Fullerene health benefits

Fullerene health benefits

Fullerene was created by Buckminster and it is also widely known as buckyballs or C60. This compound is a powerful antioxidant and has several health benefits. It works on the unsaturated fats and helps in their dissolution in the body. It also removes a toxic known as superoxide from our body which is generated as a result of cellular metabolism. There are numerous other health benefits of fullerene and one must know all those in detail for enhanced usage of fullerene.

While buying fullerene you must make sure that you are buying the compound from a certified producer of fullerene and the product is of high technology. Fullerene is a turning point in the field of nanotechnology and one must understand its importance to know the health benefits of fullerene.


Health benefits of fullerene —

  • Fullerene or C60 improves a person’s longevity – as this compound prevents the nerve cell’s death caused due to dehydration or Alzheimer’s disease and so it improves the longevity of a human being. Research also shows that it can increase the lifespan from 5-14%.
  • Protection against free radicals – Free radicals in the body can react with any sort of molecule and cause a damage to it. Fullerene has anti-oxidizing properties due to the presence of carboxyl which prevents aging. This compound is better than ubiquinone and prevents fat peroxidation and iron-induced oxidation in your body cells. Body cells are fully protected with the radicals when we are using this product. As shown above, the aging are also been prevented so by default various disease related to the aging can also be prevented.
  • Prevention of inflammation – Fullerene inhibits IL-1, TNF-alpha and matrix metalloproteinase. By doing this the hydroxyl version of the C-60 compound can result in the prevention of inflammation.
  • Potential to kill viruses – if the C60 can work with the right type of photons then it can successfully deactivate mosquito viruses. The various disease which is related to mosquitoes can be cured with help of this product.
  • Protection of the nervous system– most of the nerves die as they are worked too hard or being fired too often. Hydroxyl C60 has the capacity to protect nerves from death due to overwork in cell cultures.
  • Prevention of Osteoarthritis – water soluble variant of C60 prevents damage caused due to stress and also the breakage of bones. It can also help in the prevention of loss of bone cells and also prevents bone inflammation.

To find out a genuine producer of fullerene to gain its health advantages. MSTnano is the website where you are able to find more details about this products. These products are widely used by various people all around the world.

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