Examples of Successful Referral Programs to Inspire Small Businesses

Examples of Successful Referral Programs to Inspire Small Businesses

Investing money and time behind a small scale business takes a lot of courage. Every business owner starts with immense uncertainties, but business owner has to keep faith by drawing inspiration of success stories of other businesses. To make a business successful, network marketing has an important role to play. For effective business marketing, different tactics or strategies are adopted. However, word-of-mouth based business marketing has proven to be successful in most of the cases. When a certain product or service is referred by someone trusted, people tend to give that product or service a try. In the following section, a list has been created for the businesses that have been immensely benefitted through referral policy.

  1. Dropbox

Without a doubt, Dropbox would clinch top spot of the list simply due to its massive success through referrals and loyalty programs. As per available data, this service has experienced whooping 3900% increase in number of users within just a period of 15 months. This is surely an interesting example of top network marketing.

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  1. Paypal

Similar to Dropbox, Paypal has also increased number of users through its customer referral program. Paypal is basically a payment processing service. One can receive funds from another user. Similarly, you can send money to another user. Money received on Paypal can be transferred to the bank accounts of users. This service lures users with instant cash for the referral from existing users.

  1. Aiirbnb

From the year of 2010 to 2015, growth of Airbnb’s customer base is almost exponential. The secret behind this whooping growth is nothing but loyalty reward for existing users for their successful referrals. Through such business marketing strategy, it has increased customer base by 353 times within just 5 years.

  1. Uber

This Smartphone app based cab service comes with simple referral plans for its users. With every successful referral, you shall obtain free rides till certain amount from Uber. Any small scale business can follow this marketing strategy of Uber to experience steady business growth. For that, businesses can use NEO blockchain.

  1. Evernote

Growth in number of users for Evernote is as inspiring as Dropbox. Within a short span of time, it has successfully gained good brand exposure due to its simplified and effective referral policy. A newly started business can easily draw inspiration from success of Evernote. For successful business network marketing and referral program campaigning, you should develop seamless business website or app powered by NEO.

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