2 Effective Tools to Reset Windows Admin Password

Whenever the topic of resetting password comes around the corner, the number of users wishing to know about the various applicable methods has never settled less than thousands or more. The reason is quite simple as this is the one of those common issues which every single computer user has to face every now and then. No matter how many methods and trickeries are introduced on the internet platform, users do not always seem to be satisfied with the criterion discussed.
Thus taking into account of all the survey data, we are introducing to you the three finest password resetting tools of all time which can actually resolve your problem without a doubt. The tools are:

  • Windows Password Key
  • Passfolk SaverWin

So here now we are going to discuss these three tools to help you sort out your issue in no time. Make sure to follow the guidelines carefully step by step.

Method #1: Disable the Admin Password with Passfolk SaverWin Utility

Although third party tools reduce the effort and time of the users to a greater extent, but you might not get the right software all the time for you exacting requirements. Thus, you often fail with the pointless software or utilities. Keeping that in note, we are introducing you here the most reliable and quickly accessible software, named Passfolk SaverWin. It can effectively bypass any password barrier by simply manipulating registry keys in the registry directory. Thus, it is very suitable and preferable software amongst many freeware available on the internet market.

Salient Features of Passfolk SaverWin:

  • It does not require any re-configuration of the OS.
  • 0% data loss possibility.
  • All Windows desktop OS versions, like XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10 are compatible.
  • Windows server OS, namely 2000, 2012, 2016 are also supported.
  • Internet connectivity is not a major requirement.
  • Accounts can be incorporated and deleted from the computer.
  • All types of account passwords can be removed- admin account, local user account, domain account, root account passwords.
  • Both USB and CD/DVD can be used to create bootable disk.
  • Lifetime upgrading facilities are available.

Pre-requisites to using Passfolk SaverWin:

  • An accessible computer.
  • A minimum storage optical disk.
  • The Passfolk SaverWin setup file.

SaverWin User Guide:

Step 1. Get the right compatible version of the program downloaded directly from the PassFolk Website. Install it accurately with the appropriate step instructions.

Step 2. Start the software with admin rights to access all the features of the program. When the main UI of the tool opens up, choose “USB or CD/DVD” as the media type.

Step 3. Insert your optical disk and click “Burn USB”. The burning of ISO image files will begin all of its own accord, and you have to keep it going until you get the “Burning Successfully!” message which indicates the burning is finished. In that case, click “Ok” to terminate the process.

Step 4. Pull out the studded disk and connect again to the locked down computer. Press any hot key to enter the CMOS utility settings. Set the inserted disk as the priority device to load the ISO files into the locked down computer’s hard drive.

Step 5. Once the disk image files are loaded, all the stored user accounts will be shown on the screen. Choose your particular locked account that you wish to unlock and click on “Reset Password” and “Reboot” buttons one after another.

Immediately your system will be restarted. As it is turned on again, there will be smooth entry to your locked account without any password enquiry at the log in screen.

Method #2: Remove Password using Windows Password Key

This is one of those Windows password removal tools which will not disappoint you, but would rather help you resolve your issue. It is luckily with all types of Windows OS versions. Continue with your reading to know how it works:

Step 1. Download the correct portable version of the software on any spare computer and install it with accurate precision.

Step 2. Next run the tool with admin privileges, and click “Browse” button from the main UI screen to choose Windows Password Key ISO image files.

Step 3. Now plug in your empty optical disk to your feasible computer and provide the name of your device.

Step 4. Click on “Burn” button to begin burning the ISO disk image files to create the bootable disk.

Step 5. Eject the loaded disk now and re-insert it into the target locked computer and boot from the inserted disk. Change the boot order in order to facilitate the process.

Step 6. Mention your account name that you want to unlock here.

Step 7. Type “Y” to clear the password security measure from your computer and reboot it. This time you will not be displayed any password confirmation any longer clearly indicating that your work is done.


  • The tool might not be compatible with the legacy BIOS boot mode.
  • There are a lot of bug issues frequently encountered.


Even after you successfully remove password protection or you reset your admin password, make sure to keep the new system password saved somewhere safely, lest you forget it again. And in order to be safe from all troubles, keep the Passfolk SaverWin installed on your system as you might need it again in the nearby future. You can clearly discern that the Passfolk SaverWin is much better option to heed than any other tools. Since it has got no downsides it is most preferable by most of the users across the internet. So if you are expecting any indelibly sure result, better cling to Passfolk SaverWin.

If you wish to know more about the tools, visit our website daily to get latest iconic updates.

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