Troubleshoot DNS Server Not Responding Error On Your Own

Dns is what translates domain name when you connect to any server. There are different ways by which you can fix dns server not responding error and the easiest and quick way is to try connecting to the server in the safe mode. First of all, you need to reboot your systems into safe mode. This will only load important windows files, which allow the users to determine the affected files. This way you will be able to observe if your antivirus is creating any issues of connectivity or not.

  • Disable your antivirus and see if the issue is resolved or not. If it is creating issues, then uninstall antivirus and install a new one.
  • Reboot your systems and hold F8 key  to boot it up
  • Select networking with F8 from the options of the list
  • Test your connection and if it connects safely, then the program running on systems might create the error. Disable all the programs until you find the problem creator.

Troubleshoot router

In some cases router settings are corrupted and the easy way to fix it to reset the router to default settings. This will reset the settings of the wireless network and will port all the information.

 You can also reconfigure it after resetting. This is important if you are having wireless connection. This step will also reset any admin accounts and passwords.

Try alternate DNS address

Change the settings of your router manually to alternate DNS servers. This will let you know if your ISP’s DNS server is culprit or not.

  • Open configuration page of your router. This is different for every router, but enter your router’s IP add in the bar.
  • Open web. Find the sub section marked “Domain Name Server (DNS) Address”.
  • Manually set it
  • Enter the OpenDNS server information (Primary –, Secondary – or Google DNS server information (Primary –, Secondary –
  • Apply changes and this will take few seconds
  • Test it by opening a new browser and connect with the site.

This is going to solve the issue if you see webpage.


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