How To Fix DNS Server Error Because Of Corrupted Security?

As there are different reasons why the DNS server not responding might happen, if the reason is because of the corrupted security, then there are some different ways, you need to follow. Security software is one of the major culprits to show the DNS server not responding error. It is important to get familiar with the thing that every security software tends to become corrupted with the time. There are many reasons why security software gets corrupted, like updating files, indirect changes to security settings, issues with other software and many others. This is the main cause why the security software to block the net connection.

Methods to fix the DNS server error

Some methods are mentioned below, which you can use to resolve DNS server error:

Disable security software

First of all, you will have to disable security software, especially the firewall settings. Afterwards, make an attempt to examine if the issue is resolved.

Try to check the internet connection in safe mode

It is the step, which you can take, if the first step does not work for you. Safe mode acts as a troubleshooting mode that permits only the important operating system drivers and files to load. It is essential to examine if the internet connection works well in safe mode with networking option. The concept behind it is that if it works well, then the third party driver or services are responsible for the issue with the internet connection blockage. If the problem is still not resolved, then it may be some other issues.

To start PC in safe mode with networking, first of all, shut down the computer. Then, switch it on. You need to tap F8 key in a continuous manner on the keyboard as soon as the screen shows. Now, choose ‘Safe Mode with Networking’. The next step to take is to examine the internet connection. If yes, the internet connection functions well, then you need to restart the computer as you do. Install security software accurately to start internet connection.

These are some ways, with which you can resolve dns server error to get connected to the internet without any hassle.


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