Amazing features of new apps by Microsoft

Tons of applications are introducing everyday each offer special features to the users some applications are quite essential in easing the manual works. The use of featured apps made the usage of smart phone increased to next level that offers enhanced utilities that can be adapted to your system. Developers are working hard to introduce new apps for meeting the user requirements with more updated utilities than the previous version. Every smart phone brand is releasing new version of phones that comes with built in features more comparing to older version. If one wants to enhance their application download the necessary apps through play store that offers million number of applications at free of cost or paid service.

The latest release of ios 9 version is equipped with so many updated futures meeting the next generation mostly ios software’s are very different from android and windows mobile if lends high protected service that can’t be accessed privately by other source. The apps support in ios 9 is more; user can download any number of features in short time with fastest service. Usually apps iphone use specially designed applications for their phone they only allow standardized applications of other companies that worth the usage largely.  The Outlook app by Microsoft provided as built in application in ios 9 version that offers instant mail service. Those who wish to use this application acquire the benefits since it comes along with the new smart phones of apple.

Specializations of outlook

The outlook is an outstanding email service those who wish to use the email service on the phones regarding any official works can use the newly added features like prioritizing the mails based on importance. One can manage their mails properly through fixing inbox zero that lends transparent screen with new designed wall papers. The outlook options connects with your phone calendar so that you can manage the events by updating the new events on the calendar and you can add members during the event remainder mail will be reached to all the recipients that help you to remember about occasion. The outlook application is designed by Microsoft that guides the user to adapt their daily works in outstanding orders. Normally iphone software’s are very different that only use mac operating system for developing the software’s only few external applications are supported in ios among those outlook plays good role via security and services.

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